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From the selection of Best Suppliers

to the table.

Since Portuguese tradition to the selection of the best Premium Meats 

in our bistro

We have a privileged Service of Pub

Animation with the best selection of

Cocktails and Premium Gins

Privileged Space Nightlife

and a reference from Central Zone

with National and International guests

Story Seven Lovers


The entrepreneurial initiative of the company's partners has been affirming itself for a long time. After acquiring in 2001 the company Santos & Martins, Lda. which operated the coffee shop "Praça 5 de Outubro”, named after the central square of Torres Novas, and where it was located. Remodeled the space and reopened in 2002 under the name Seven Esplanada. There was space for the opening of new companies, in which the mother of all companies, Seven Lovers, was born.

In a business consolidation policy and in order to take advantage of synergies, and now with the bakery concept integrated into the company, Quente e Frio, decided in 2005 to launch two new spaces, under the brand Seven In Bar and Seven Restaurante. Both spaces opened in 2006.

On July 11, 2008, the concept of a pastry shop, restaurant and bar was joined by the concept of a discotheque, when they acquired the business of the former Distillery, which after modernization works was renamed “Seven Club”.

Following the various spaces already opened, in 2015 the company acquires a Bistro concept, called Blue G'IN, created for customers who want an experience of flavors, combining cuisine with o perfect serve of drink such as cocktails and premium gins.

At this stage, the company has a strong presence in Torres Novas economy, making a strong contribution to boosting the renewed Praça 5 de Outubro. The Seven concepts are the anchors of all the commercial dynamism of the historic area of Torres Novas, allowing the city to assert itself as a pole in the region for those looking for moments of fun and leisure.


Our Vision
Seven Lovers vision is to be perceived by its customers, collaborators and public in

general as the biggest and best operator in the area of restoration and leisure, in the region of Santarém.


Our Mission

Seven Lovers mission is to fully meet the needs of its customers and, finally, to surprise them in their expectations, providing them with an excellent service and making their services increasingly widespread and popular and finally, that be available to everyone. They intend to be perceived by everyone as “a reference and the best company with quality services” in this market segment.

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