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It is with great pride that we demonstrate all our partners who have accompanied us over the years in all events, brands that are represented from north to south of Portugal.

From car companies that move us on a daily basis, Toyota Caetano Auto and Yes Auto.

Companies that help us to accommodate our guests in the best possible way at the best prices, Hotel dos Cavaleiros.

Real estate companies that give us the best opportunities to make our projects grow, RB Imóveis.

Empire and Tita Cabeleireiros that provide us with the best barbershop and hairdresser service.

South Storm leaves us with a mark of professionalism and publicity.

Bra4All, which has a presence, reinforces the entrepreneurship of all women nationwide.

McDonalds and Sabores Central in order to monitor the entire process of dissemination and partnership between houses at district level.

The Education of Fun and Coral Sinfônico de Portugal that together support all the culture and integration of young people in Portuguese society.

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